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Matador Cave, 2011 by Kevin Cooley

Kind of had a little freakout on LT.
She decided to message me that us being friends is unhealthy. And she doesn’t like how I talk to her. And it’s such a joke.
I talk to her too logically and “nobody thinks like that”.
I need to move out.
This week. Fuck. All.
Horrible timing.
And, well, I have to move back in with the very person I moved away from.
If I even can.
I probably can.
Am I horrible for wishing I had stable friends and ones that didn’t always fuck me over during their meltdowns?
That’s really just her.
It’ll be tougher seeing Dennis, which sucks.
Nothing is easy with me.
I’m exhausted.
I need to get my life in my own hands and not rely on a single person.

I didn’t really freak out. I just stood up for myself. Minimal conversation. As we’re adults and can talk face to face.

Get one.


If loving me is wrong, then god damn you do it right, it turns us on to turn you down.

This dude keeps posting Rose’s favorite songs.

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Maurice Sapiro aka Maurice L. Sapiro (b. 1932, NJ, USA) - Moonglow, 2014    Paintings: Oil

I left it all behind and never said goodbye.

Okay, mad props to this band.

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"Why didn’t he squash it?…
If you weren’t there…
Was there more?…
Be careful….
What is the expectation?…
Stop before resume…
He should have squished that bug…
For you and not regarding you.”

I’m not insecure. I don’t compare myself. I don’t care. Integrity is of the utmost importance. I’m a great person and I just don’t want to be hurt and/or let down. I’m not threatened, certain things just make it a little tough to trust. I do. But, so DO they.

WU WEI. I trust and love you.






So this is what trust looks like.

Funny, my first thought was “So this is what the patriarchy looks like.”

Yup. This is how women are supposed to trust men. With their lives.

Woman : “Hey, can we just… Drop the bow?”Man : “WHY DON’T YOU TRUST ME I’M NOT A VIOLENT GUY, YOU ARE INSULTING ME THINKING I WILL HURT YOU!!!”Woman : “No it’s just… Well I’m afraid.”Man : “But why? Look at me, I’m not afraid. And we’re equal, look, we pull the bow together.”Woman : “I think we’re not equal, you can kill me with the arrow and I can’t.”Man : “What? So you would like to be able to kill me? You’re so agressive!”Woman : “That’s not what I mean, we were talking about equality : you can hurt me, I can’t.”Man : “Of course you can. You can hit me with the bow if you want.”Woman : “That’s not the same thing, it will never kill you.”Man : “Oh, you always complaining, stop victimising yourself! Do I talk about the difficulty of holding the arrow? Of the responsibility it giving to me?”[…]Etc, etc.Every debates about gender equality, ladies and gentleman.

omg the comments.  Brilliant.


The Sundarbans is the largest single block of tidal halophytic mangrove forest in the world which covers parts of India and Bangladesh by NASA