Babyface 20. Lady: Art, philosophy, sleep, food, and this is 1 of 5.


He looked so darn dapper. I swooned.

No soda.
3 meals, 2-3 snacks a day.
Vitamins 5 days a week.
4-6 blood sugars a day.
Do not exceed 50 carbs per meal.
More protein!
Veggies & some fruit.
Work out every other day.
Walk every day.
Water with every meal.
Less processed foods.
Sleep 7-10 hours a night (try to).
Spend at least 2 hours in the sun/day.
Complex carbs.
Whole grains.
Candy/sweets once a week, if at all.
Get gymnema.
Read for 30 minutes a day.
Write every day.


Way of Life by *ngurahrai

I demand, from myself, that I go back to Asia for a little and just learn.

In response to everything.

My phone is off for a few days.


On the bright side, I can’t be bothered as much! Lol.

I only care about reaching approximately 2 people via text. Everyone else can wait.

My boyfriend sent his mom pics of us. She has never seen me before and one pic is super cute and perfect with us looking all lovey dovey.
The other?
Well, we’re only throwing up gang signs.

Oh maaaaaaaaan…


Jimi Hendrix, Madison Square Garden, by Jim Cummins.

I want those pants, man.
Can we?!


Bass Ale