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I go hard to this song.

by piesdescalsos

i took this in the science museum, i haven’t edited the photo at all, the blue stained glass caused the camera to pick up the photo like this
I was digging the eyeliner today.

I hope you’re having a great day. Don’t forget to smile and to be kind to your mind, body and others :))

You’re crying in my arms and I’m telling you it’ll be okay. I’m telling you I will be fine and I have time and I don’t need you. And you’re crying. I’m not because I don’t need you. I want you. I want you as a friend. You are my friend. I am fine. I don’t need you; I never will. Don’t mistake desire for need. I’ve never needed a man or anyone in my life. But, I really care about you. And I know you feel like you are hurting me so much or something, but you are not. I value our friendship a lot. I miss it. I’ll always be fine. You told me to be patient, that I’m amazing, smart, so smart, and I will find someone, and more. You’re crying, holding my face and telling me this. And I say I know and thank you. I’m not looking for someone. I’m not trying to need anyone. I’ll want, of course. You tell me you’re scared, you keep crying, you say “You just had to move…”

Fuck you.
You weren’t expecting my answers. I kept saying it’s okay and you kept saying it’s not. You’re dumb. Not really. But, we got really close and we have our mutual attachments. I’m fine. But, I need my space from you for a long while. 
You’ll be fine. 

"Fuck you."




Sex on paper


Where the fuck was I in 1969